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Styluses suck, but I might get another one

I no longer use a stylus for digital illustrations. I only use my right-hand index finger. I tried 3 different styluses each of a different style—soft rubber-domed, wide tip; firm rubber slender tip that caps onto a Sharpie; and a Bluetooth model. The cons in… Read More

Holes in hat

This is probably my favorite way to draw—making things up as I go and connecting the things together. I like it when people try to find meaning in it, which there probably is in a subconscious way, but it’s not planned more than 1 or… Read More

Just start scribbling

With this “lost leaf boat” and my previous piece “wrong turn on delivery” I started scribbling with a low opacity thin tip brush. Wild lines with curves and jaggies. I may have cleared the screen and started over. Not long into this frenzy the imagination… Read More

Wrong turn on delivery

My wife is my navigator. Sometimes she even trumps the GPS directions. But when I’m driving alone, headed towards a new destination (or even a place I haven’t been to at least 25 times) I take plenty of U-turns like this dragon on his first day… Read More