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Do things need a title?

Need a title? No. If not a title, then at least a handle, right? Maybe. Then, at least an ID#? Absolutely. If I apply my definitions of title, handle, and ID# to this post is would look like: Title Example: Does everything need a title? Notes:… Read More

The Portfoliolongo console

I hereby present this piece to my WordPress Illustration Blogging peer, Paul Longo, of He suggested I mix a dashboard, pipe threads and fittings…oops…I just checked my notes and realized that I forgot the doorknob. I finished it last night, uploaded it to a… Read More

Carbon, lift, pump, toenail, weight

I yanked the 5 title words from desiquintans’ noun generator and smashed them all into an illustration.  It’s like pictionary and randomness with meaninglessness rolled up into imagination and spit out within the confines of what I can draw.

One piece of flare

The restaurant manager from the Office Space movie, the same actor that does the hippie school teacher voice from MTV’s Beavis & Butthead, yeah, he would not be proud of the flare on that vest.


The best way to fake a smile is to fake a laugh at the time the camera snaps. The laugh comes more naturally for me.