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For Brianna Swink

My niece Brianna asked for a picture containing boat, tree, galaxy, orange and pink. Amusing, if you search Google for those words, the first result brings you to an Amazon page selling a Galaxy phone case that’s orange and pink from the sunrise and there’s… Read More

Grazie mille, majorno

Pig snout, salted pretzel rod, two-headed king cobra—the three words that Doug (aka majorno) offered up when he found out that I still like to make art from random words, especially when others offer them up. Thanks, Doug. I hope the composition of the picture… Read More

Pulling an Icarus

Adorned with wings of feather and wax, poor Icarus was warned not to fly too low (complacency) nor too high (hubris) by his father, Daedulus, the inventor of the wings. Sadly, Icarus flew too high and the sun melted his wings. Had he flown too… Read More

Tree, table, pencil, green, blue

This is dedicated to Melony Smirniotis, another member of the FB group, Year of Creative Habits. Thank you for the final prompts given to me by the group. I hope each contributor enjoyed the image they influenced me to create. These were the most simplistic prompts… Read More