Pie in the sky

This is the first illustration in a collection of idiom illustrations I’m moving forward with. It’s a personal collection in an ongoing attempt to illustrate with intention. When I read an idiom I get quick sparks of more than one way it could be depicted.

Take for instance “pie in the sky”, like most idioms it invokes literal imagery as well as idiomatic examples of the phrase. Literally, you can think of a pie, fruit-filled or hand tossed, in the sky posing as a celestial body. With more effort you can think of examples of what pie in the sky means to you.

The definition would be useful now:

Pie in the sky – something that is unrealistic or cannot be achieved
—In the Loop: A Reference Guide to American English Idioms).

I like science, especially in the cosmos. This led me to imagine the great hurdles that will have to be surmounted in order to achieve manned space flights to Mars. Throw in a sci-fi theme with humor and that get’s you vacations to Mars via the flight powers of an apple pie with a tour bus in tow. Funny? At least memorable?

My full opinion is that flights to Mars are possible, but in the context of having vacations to Mars within, let’s say, my lifetime, that is a pie in the sky idea.


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