March to June

Most of these images were posted on my Squarespace site and/or Instagram, both of which I’m considering giving the axe to.

To spend $100/yr for Squarespace and have no monetization generated in some fashion feels like a pointless purchase for me. With my purchase I do get complete control over the design of the site, but that in itself is also a curse if, like me, you can’t stop yourself from endlessly tweaking the design. I will probably come back to and transfer my new domain, Bradberry Jam, thereby only costing me $18/yr. Yes, at some point I’ll go through a period of questioning why I pay anything when free is also an option. Or not. It’s a small price to pay to be rid of the URL ending in

Instagram, just not what I hoped it would be. I have a disdain for social media in general and Instagram was my most recent “I guess I’ll give it a try”. For reasons I can’t quite, nor think I should right here, articulate well enough…..I just don’t like those places. Twitter seemed the least nocuous. I could go back there.

Photo Apr 29, 1 53 20 PMPhoto Apr 27, 2 30 09 PMPhoto Apr 22, 8 23 34 AMPhoto Apr 19, 9 05 27 PMPhoto Apr 18, 10 32 21 PMPhoto Mar 17, 10 19 45 PMPhoto Apr 17, 2 55 05 PMPhoto Apr 07, 9 30 02 PMimg_080220160414_224941Photo Apr 18, 9 50 44 PM20160525_08423920160525_140050


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