Pride in your artwork

Sometimes, often actually, I don’t know what to make of my artwork. It is what it is, I suppose. When I consider whether or not it’s weird, I concede that it is and I am proud of that weirdness as I agree with John Lennon, “it’s weird not to be weird”.  As is any artist, though, I am self-conscious about some of my art and to encourage myself I remind myself that there is much stranger art in the world.



  1. First, there’s nothing “weird” about your work – it’s cool! Although I really like the Lennon quote you share in the post. The upper third with the “WAH” and mouth? Great. You’ve got a readily apparent working knowledge of perspective and field of depth – there’s countable layers here and I like that about the overall piece. Finally – the digits pinching eye droppers of pink liquid? I’m a fan of that bit in the larger composition of the piece. Cheers! – JM


  2. I like how your compositions unfold. They tell stories about how one thing leads to another and another and so on. That’s what transports me. That’s what I like. I wonder if you ever feel like you’re being defined to any extent by your own drawings.


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