Touchy Faces disbanded

My little site for sharing face illustrations created on my phone will come to an end today.

At Touchy Faces I uploaded cartoony faces that I drew on my Android phone using the Autodesk Sketchbook app, mostly. One face was drawn with Art Flow app.

My ambition was practical—by drawing on my phone I could practice at anytime, typically while sitting on porcelain. The Sketchbook app gets an A for quality, but painting on a smartphone get’s a no-go because of the forearm pain. Too much kinked position for too long creates cramped muscles and the why-am-I-doing-this mentality.

The outputs were fun, regardless. Here are the 20 faces I came up with in 5 months.

I’ll keep the apps and make more line drawings when an idea pops up and needs to be captured, and use my tablet for making colorful illustrations.

You still get to see crazy faces on Bradberry Spread. I can’t help it.