Holes in hat


This is probably my favorite way to draw—making things up as I go and connecting the things together. I like it when people try to find meaning in it, which there probably is in a subconscious way, but it’s not planned more than 1 or 2 steps in advanced. It’s just making and it’s enjoyable. Try it.



  1. Love it and love what you say about it! It’s fun just to start off anyhow any ole way and go from there in whatever direction the magic carpet takes you. I find myself studying your work and wondering what the induction: deduction ratio is. And you’re right, I can help supplying some autobiographic meaning from my own experience shed. I’ll try to control myself.


    • I often default to the word brainstorming when I try to describe this style to myself. I just remembered that I wrote about this processlast year with snapshots of the progress. Let me know what you think. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.


      • I like that term. It’s meteorological! You’d think instances would show up on radar. Thanks for the blog post. It’s helpful to at least try to understand how these sorts of things unfold. It’s also improvisational, a blending of rules and exceptions, familiar and unfamiliar. Keep your skulltop open; I love what flies out!!


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