Galaxy, bicycle, mantis, teal-green, coral-red


Read the last paragraph for a special tidbit that may benefit you somewhere down your creative road.

This collage is dedicated to my wife in celebration of our 10th proposal anniversary. It’s our alternative to Valentine’s Day.

I asked her for the prompts and allowed her to pick additional colors. You’ll find silver in the back wheel and a medium blue in the outline of the bike. If I get the colors right (such that they match our bedroom decor), she’ll let this hang on the wall.

She got me some smart books. One by Bill Nye and another by Neil Tyson Degrasse. Science books that she knows I’m into. A great gift for me because I love books, but almost never buy them for myself.


I’ve been thinking about making instructions on how I make collages (with digital media). I do them entirely on my iPad with 2 apps. I re-purpose free images found online and draw in the rest with my finger. If this interests you, please reply below in the affirmative or ask a specific question.



  1. I like this picture , the Mantis has always had special meaning to me from my childhood and I feel it has a special calming, almost mystical energy ; the top hat keeps it classy :)

    Congratulations on your 10th proposal anniversary !!


    • The mantis always makes me think of kung-fu. You’re right about the top hat. I must have added it so I wouldn’t think of him as a fighter.

      Thank you, Doug. How about giving me another 3 items and 2 colors to work with.


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