Crochet hook, fern, birdhouse, gray, turquoise, orange


Inspired by Beverly Army Williams, another member from the FB group, Year of Creative Habits. Thank you for the prompts.

I don’t require you to go to FB to offer me 3 items and 2 colors*, an offering that leads me to create a hack job collage of photos, drawings, and fancy digital effects. You can get more details on this project I’ve termed “Collaborative Collages“, or you can just provide 3 items and 2 colors in the comments section below and I’ll make a collage for you.

*Beverly chose 3 colors, but I didn’t fault her :)




    • Thanks, I’m still having fun with it! Let me make one for you—name 3 items and 2 colors. And tell me when we’re going to lunch.


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