Pink concrete


I just put out Lamp fishing and then this geometric thing, I suspect, as a stall.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them and enjoyed the making of them, but I have an art related task that is more important—to make a collage out of my most recent prompts given to me.

I’m putting it off because…I don’t know. I get a kick out of making them, but the latest, whew, which doesn’t seem like the hardest, but maybe it is. I’ve already started. The prompts are crochet needle, fern, birdhouse, and then there’s the colors which are the easy part and don’t having bearing on the thoughts I’m giving you now.

These are not the most difficult prompts, rather they are the most distant from my tastes. I’ve never sewn or crocheted, I don’t get excited about birds and their houses, and plants, you know, they’re fine. Beverly, if you read this, please don’t read into it. I truly appreciate the prompts.

Everything I’m saying is evidence that you gave me an awesome challenge. I’m procrastinating out of fear. What I have so far are 2 great photos of a crochet needle and a fern mixed together as if the fern is part of the yarn, but it feels bland and I have no idea what to do with the birdhouse to make it a cool image. Damn, I may have to start over.

Anyway, here’s the sketch that lead to the featured artwork of this post. It only became “concrete” because I’ve got a cool digital brush that reminds me of concrete, but it’s actually “artists crayon”, whatever that is. I’ve never seen one.