Tree, table, pencil, green, blue


This is dedicated to Melony Smirniotis, another member of the FB group, Year of Creative Habits. Thank you for the final prompts given to me by the group. I hope each contributor enjoyed the image they influenced me to create.

These were the most simplistic prompts I received to date, yet did not yield a simplistic illustration. It is completely up to the imagination as to how to use suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed making these and have decided to continue parsing together photos with drawings that are triggered from suggestions by people like you.

You or anyone you know can influence the next collages that I make. Read my Collaborative Collages post and then submit some prompts that I’ll turn into an illustration combining photos, drawings, digital painting, and other digital effects. It will be great or not. I hope you give it a go, regardless.

To my FB YOCH friends: feel free to have another go at it. ;)