It’s called Collaborative Collages


Collaborate with me and we’ll create something that has never existed before in anyone’s imagination¹. It will only cost you 30 seconds at the least and lots of minutes at the most depending on how much you labor over your responses. Theoretically, though, it’s easy.

Here are few examples of what has been made already.

See all the artwork that has been generated from the Collaborative Collages project.

Just come up with 3 items and 2 colors.

For example, Archigeek Barbie suggested postage stamps, Vitruvian man, Fibonacci sequence, aqua green/blue, and tangerine orange which led to one of the most popular collages from this project.

There is no ceiling on your responses (other than the fact we’re going to keep it PG-rated.) Give me the craziest, wack-job responses you can, or keep them plain and simple. In either case I’ll add whimsy and originality to the best of my ability. When I’m finished I’ll share it with you and here on this blog.

Collaboration form

In the form below, the items, colors and your name are the only required fields. I need a name so that I can dedicate the illustration to you.

Optional fields include your email address so I can tell you when it’s ready and a URL to your site or your favorite social media home so I can tell people where to meet my collaborator.


Whatever you decide, definitely come back later to see the new artwork or sign up for Bradberry Spread Monthly and get it sent to your inbox (along with the other art I make.)


¹ Someone may have thought of it, but it’s a very low probability.