Postage stamps, Vitruvian Man, Fibonacci sequence, aqua green/blue, tangerine orange


This collage is dedicated to ArchiGeek Barbie, another member of the Facebook group, Year of Creative Habits. Thanks for the prompts.

I have 2 rounds of prompts left from my FB group and I’m still enjoying feeding off their ideas to flex my creativity. When I finish with those I think I’ll come back here and ask my viewers for further help. Fingers crossed.



  1. Stunning in its simplicity! It could have gone very beige, very student collage-y, but it is a work of art! I would hang this on my wall. It’s interesting!!!!


    • Sierra, cool to see you here! Thanks for the compliments. My wife also feels that it is wall-hanging worthy. I’m going to see about getting in printed soon. If anyone else wants to do so, please feel free.

      Sierra’s collage is up next. She has tasked me with Mona Lisa, sewing machine, hipster glasses, pink, and aqua/teal. Teaser: I’m not going to do the obvious thing. Mona will not be sitting at a sewing machine wearing glasses.

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