If there’s red and pink with a heart included, then it must be for Valentine’s Day.


I stayed home because Bonnie was ill and needed a hand with our 2 sons that are too young to attend school. Headache, sinus congestion, runny nose, depleted energy—all things she was suffering with as we sat on our recently acquired, lightly used, Victorian-ish, red and pink, sleeper couch. She was reading, I was drawing, the boys were napping.

I began more or less from top to bottom on this piece. As I sat on the couch, I traced and refined the photo of my sketch on my iPad. Once I arrived at the nose, which was the extent of the pencil work, I stalled. I conferred with Bonnie, while showing her the drawing and asking, “what should go below the nose?” I was 65% confident she would suggest something, but my security in committing to her suggestion was unknown. Happily for me, she said something about a mustache that curls and that the curls could attach or interact with something else. That sounded fun. In the end, though, the curls remained free and wild.


Not until the art took on a digital life did the blood pumping organ come to exist. It, along with it’s tubes, an arrow, and the cabinet, replaced an unidentified round object that disappeared into the margins.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Interesting fact: I don’t celebrate this holiday any more. I few years ago, Bonnie and I decided to forgo it in exchange for our marriage proposal anniversary. I highly recommend it in order to escape the commercial compulsion to display affection.



  1. I love that the two of you came up with a more meaningful day to do “Valentine’s Day”! And this drawing reminds me a lil of Inspector Gadget. I love the humor, the whimsy. Do your boys like your art?


    • The youngest ones, 2 and 3, like all pictures and my oldest, 7, likes to copy my techniques and use my iPad to draw, which is what I do my art on, too. So, when I open it up they want to see my pictures and then they want to take over the iPad and draw and paint. They need their own, but I don’t who’s gonna buy that!

      A while back, my oldest, Ethan, said “Dad, I have an idea. What if you become the greatest artist in the world?” I chuckled and told him I would try.


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