Mickey Mouse showed up in my collage uninvited

mickey mouse bear bull with effectsjpg

Not only does Mickey seem to make an appearance in all(?) Disney films, he also graces the websites of fledgling artists. How flattering. It’s pretty much Mickey’s head albeit with incorrect proportions. But the thing is I wasn’t trying to make Disney fan art.

I went out back to two of my favorite internet tool sheds, Google Books and Picmonkey.  Plundering through Google Books provides me with images to clip and Picmonkey gives me toolkits to arrange, re-color, and hack them up.

Three-quarters of the way through I noticed 3 circles that reminded me of Walt’s most famous character. I then tweaked it a little bit for symmetry and thought it OK for him to stay.

Please don’t tell Disney. I’m sure this blog post infringes on their trademarks in some puny way.