Just start scribbling


With this “lost leaf boat” and my previous piece “wrong turn on delivery” I started scribbling with a low opacity thin tip brush. Wild lines with curves and jaggies. I may have cleared the screen and started over. Not long into this frenzy the imagination see shapes and action within the scribbles and then I move on to sketching over the scribbles and adding color.

It’s nice. It takes no planning or laboring over what to draw next. Your’e basically goofing off until you notice something on the screen and feel inspired to see it through. Because your’e not invested and feeling critical* about what this art should become you don’t mind being adventurous and trying new techniques, colors, or brushes. Seems like a great way to practice outside the box.

*The critical aspect will have a chance to creep in the longer you work on this piece. Scribble at your own-risk.



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