Podcasts constitute my most common education stream

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Here’s an example of the style of writing that I want to do more of. It comes from Higher Extent where I wrote a few articles about self improvement. This particular article was the first time I made a (hand-drawn) illustration to go with my informative writing.

Higher Extent

Once or twice, after casually injecting the word podcast into a sentence, I got the blank stare from my listener that means “I don’t know what that is, but I have heard of it and I’m going to keep listening with my eyebrows slightly raised and my head just barely nodding while I feign understanding.” That’s cool with me, but if you just ask I would enjoy telling you more about podcasts.

I think I will tell you some more, but first I’ll tell you that this post is segway for me to write more in future posts about the info I consume from podcasts. I find there is much intertwining between the reading, watching, and listening that I do and I want to describe the interconnection here at Higher Extent. Up until now, my writing was in reference to books.


I’ve been listening to them for three years…

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