From Stiots to Kevin Bradberry to Bradberry Spread

Dear Reader,

I have two bits of information, one of which that may affect your desire to follow this blog. Of little consequence, the URL (or web address) has changed. Of greater consequence, the style of my content will change. I will continue to publish my illustrations, but in many posts they will be married to an article that I have written.

Site URL and name change

Bradberry Spread logo 2URL: It was and now it will be

Site name: It was Stiots, then Kevin Bradberry, and now it is Bradberry Spread with a new logo.

Content change

Stiots was made for me to share my illustrations. It stands for Self Taught Illustration On A Touch Screen, and I continue to do that—all colorful illustrations that I show you on this site are done on my iPad. However, the name Stiots feels empty to me. It needed to change to reflect my new aim.

I began this blog showing my finished illustrations, the in-progress work and some technical tips that I used to do my work. I even made some posts with quotes, tools and insights on creativity. We all have creativity and those of us that use it want to talk about it, but that genre is overrun with teachers and I got tired of the word creativity, especially in the title of articles.

I changed the site name to Kevin Bradberry and moved on to just showing my finished illustrations and talking briefly about the inspiration and techniques that helped me create them. Then, I cut back again and only showed the illustration with no words to accompany it. Each cut was an attempt to reduce time spent blogging and to give the time to more drawing. (It was a theoretical improvement. The practical side of actually using the extra time to draw more is an action of discipline and resolve that I am not always successful with.)

I miss the writing. Now, I want to try mixing my writing and illustration together as a combined creative outlet that is delivered in one location.

So the large change in this pivot is for me to write articles. To write about my interests such as science, illustration, psychology, and parenthood. It will all be inspired by the experiences and information that I’m consuming each day. I’m married with 3 boys; work as an engineering tech; like to design and observe; listen to a lot of podcasts; read blogs, magazines, and books; and enjoy TED talks and documentaries. I like to learn and think.

The merger of my learning and illustration will come from the self-appointed assignment of me making the editorial illustration for my articles. In addition to creativity, the information that I consume needs an outlet and writing and drawing are perfect. It’s two birds down with two stones that have been fired from a single slingshot.

Voila! I think this suits me best as a blogger and illustrator. I hope that I can find an audience that enjoys tuning in.

Thank you,



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