Letting some goals out and a new page coming

I use the self-appointed description of illustrator on my site because I want you to know what’s inside before you open the door. Hopefully, you come in and enjoy colorful pictures that I’ve made. And that’s good.

It’s good, but it’s not the end. In the future I want the title of illustrator to describe one of the ways I make my living. It’s intimidating to do, but I’ll tell you some big goals right now so they can be out in the open instead of locked inside me.

I want to work with clients and make illustrations that get used out in the world. The first things that come to mind that I would enjoy working on are event posters, magazine covers, album art work and, dare I say, books.

That last one was hard to type because I believe it’s the one that requires the most skill. Despite me logically knowing that with enough hard work—thousands of hours and millions of pixels—that I can achieve it, it’s still daunting to announce the thought instead of stashing it deep within my skull where it’s protected from failure. Emotionally, I worry that there are too many skilled fish in the sea for me to have a fighting chance. Or that I’ll reach that point where my talent potential has been maxed out and I’ll be short of the finish line. Luckily, I find solace in the fact that whether or not I make it professionally I know I’ll get better and I’ll enjoy the satisfaction of that alone. Remember what Corbett said.

Maybe you already figured this but I’ll tell you that I have never made a cent off any art that I have ever created. Going forward, however, it is my job to practice my fingers to the bone to improve my craft and to study up on the profession and industry of illustration if I’m going to hold my own in the fight.

Resource page coming soon

One thing I like to do is build a list of links and notes that I can refer to while doing research a topic. Yesterday, I started that for illustration. What would have in the past been a document on a personal hard drive, will instead be a web page that I can share with you.

Like I do, I began with an outline off the top of my head. After that, I delved into Google to find links. As a first glimpse, here is the Publications section located under the Knowledge heading:


There’s some visually stunning art within those pubs. Seeing the work of other artists comes in handy for inspiration and learning new ways of using colors and textures. Some can be previewed before buying. I don’t own any nor have I began any subscriptions. Not yet. I’ll need to come back to this resource as a user, not the curator, and peruse the publications as a prospective buyer.

For now, I’m browsing the web for links to fit under all the sections in my outline.

Get updates

Do you want to see what this resource becomes? I’ll publish the page before it’s completed. However, at this time it’s too rough. Become a fan and you’ll be notified when it’s available.


featured image: Bradberry, Kevin. Painting Gadget. 2014. Digital.