Kermmie Fowl

This bird was born as a simple pencil doodle. 1-2 weeks later it matured into a developed doodle and sat on my desk for another week squawking for attention. Silently squawking, that is, with an anxious expression.

I cared enough about his needs to transform him into a digital illustration and now we have Kermmie Fowl.

He was mostly colored in with the procreate app’s Oil Pastel Brush. I love the greasy effect of the brush. The color pushes and smudges well without coating too heavy. It makes it easy to get a wide range of shades into the picture.

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Current happenings
  • I put 3 illustrations onto products via Society6. I gave a few details about this in yesterday’s post. I feel like a big boy.
  • Still struggling with having an illustrating and blog posting format. I want to spend most of my free time creating art, while at the same time I want to have things worth writing at the time an illustration is finished. I want to spend a few days cranking out a picture, then immediately post it along with a few words and move onto to planning the next picture.
  • We’re going to list our house for sale and start shopping for a new one within the same city. Our house isn’t fitting the needs that 3 sons have created. You’d be surprised that the problem isn’t space. Talking about this should help me fight the urge to use it as an excuse to not get my work done.
Something to think about

If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.

Benjamin Franklin via a friend’s white board



Featured image: Bradberry, Kevin. Kermmie Fowl. 2014. iPad finger painting with procreate app.



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