Ethan told me I’m a great artist

At the dinner table, without any previous talk about drawing things or even a preceding conversation for that matter, my oldest son of 6 years tells me “Dad, you really are a great artist.”

I’d like to say that this made my heart swell to the point of bursting; that this endearing statement made me so happy to be a father. But I don’t think in those terms. I’m more practical and analytic.

However, I was definitely touched by the comment and I responded with a sincere “thank you, Ethan.” But, he’s only 6 years old. What does he know about great art? Hell, what do I know about great art?

To each his own, though. If Ethan thinks I’m a great artist then I am, to Ethan, that is. And the fact that I think Dr. Seuss was a great artist and that the Mona Lisa is boring are both true.

Art is subjective, not objective.

Which ones are face cards?

The featured illustration was inspired by what was an upcoming game night at a friend’s house. Ethan actually relayed his great artist comment to me on the evening of the game night.

Approaching that date I was thinking up something to draw and cards were on my mind. The question of “which ones are face cards?” is one I really heard many years ago while playing Rummy. It gave me a giggle.


featured image: Which ones are face cards?, Kevin Bradberry, 2014, ipad finger painting with procreate app