I Downloaded Nikko’s Brushes

I downloaded the brushes of a very impressive painter and applied them, in part, to this illustration—the boat, background, and anchor. As does Nikolai Lockertsen, I use the procreate app for drawing and painting on my iPad. This inexpensive, high-powered app allows the importing/exporting of custom made/tweaked brushes.

Nikko (for shorthand), as stated in a procreate forum post, has utilized a set of 5 brushes, dubbed the Furious Five, for most his paintings.

Photo Aug 30, 3 24 16 PM

(image) Nikko’s brushes displayed in-app

With pleasure, because I’m a big fan of Nikko’s gritty textures and humorous elements, I gave them a try.

I especially enjoyed Rough Texture, which I used on the boat. My least favorite was Pencil. For sketching and outlining, I prefer the out-of-the-box procreate brush set titled Inking.

If you don’t have time to visit Nikko’s gallery, please enjoy one of my favorites, Fat Cop. It would take me 6 months to copy this artwork (if I even could)!

Just to reiterate, he made this on an ipad using procreate, folks. If this blows your mind, let me know in the comments.