Glittery Teal and The Wind Cries Mary

I am in a Facebook group for creative habits.

Merlin Mann says “joining a Facebook group about creative productivity is like buying a chair about jogging.” It’s funny. I’m still in the Facebook group, though. The folks there have given me thoughts on my paintings, a free book written for artists, a view into the thoughts of other art makers, and more. I like it.

[If you go to and click around you might learn how to join the group.]

Last night, at home on the couch, I finished up the painting Where to Live?, which is dedicated to my wife Bonnie. She doesn’t want to live in the mountains with a goat, nor does she want to live in an apartment complex. She does, however, have blonde hair, a pair of Converse Onestar sneakers, and she wants to live in a home in Asheville, NC, which is a city in the Appalachian Mountains.

It would be a nice place to live. I don’t know when or if we’ll do it.

Concerning Bonnie and a member in the FB group, Karen, they both responded to my question, “what color should the Onestars be? Bonnie said teal, Karen said silvery glitter. Kevin decided on glittery teal.

Coincidentally, it’s was Karen’s practice of listening to jazz music while painting that I tried during a session of working on this painting. I made a John Coltrane station on iHeart radio. I dug it. At the same time I missed the inclusion of an electric guitar and loud heavy signing. But is was really cool that I heard a jazz version of Hendrix’s The Wind cries Mary.

Thanks for the help Bonnie and Karen.


Did you notice the ankles?

featured image: Bradberry, Kevin. Where to Live? ipad finger painting. (made for Bonnie)