Louis Wolchonok on Fighting Your Resistance to Learn an Art Form

image credit: http://www.feolifineart.net/

“The essential thing is to do it anyway. It will turn out to be crude, childish, even silly, and you may become the butt of a few jokes about your work, but the inescapable result will be that you have made a start. You will have done something that will open your eyes to the fact that the ability to express yourself in an art form requires observation, memory training, perseverance, courage, elimination of preconceived notions, and an active attitude towards experimentation. Above everything else, don’t be misled into thinking that you can learn to draw, paint, sculpt, or anything else in a few easy lessons, and that before you know it, you will be a master craftsman. Giving adequate and satisfying expression to your ideas is not easy and takes time and effort, but it is exciting, exhilarating and will give you a sense of fulfillment that will more than compensate for all the hardships.”

—Louis Wolchonok, Design For Artists and Craftsmen (1953)