Big Red Head Wants Some Words

This painting is looking for a writer. Nobody is barred from participating. Especially those of you that don’t call yourselves writers. If you write, then you are a writer.

If you make something then you are a creator.

Take me for example, some of you think my art is cool and some of you think your child could do better. And that may definitely be true, but your opinions shouldn’t make my decision. I have decided that I am an artist.

Blah, blah, blah, anyway.

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I want to collaborate. I want to combine my art with your words.

For this painting, the one I have temporarily named Big Red Head, I would love for you to come up with words for it. Words to be arranged in a configuration commonly know as a…

  • title
  • poem
  • story
  • caption
  • commentary
  • psychological analysis
  • word association

…etcetera. Any of those or any others, there’s no rule or limit being imposed. Just some creativity being asked for.

Will You Participate?

Throw your words into the comments section of this post.

Read other comments and “like” them as a means of a voting system. You can probably even “like” your own, not sure.



  1. I made the same request to the Facebook Group, Year of Creative Habits and some buddies replied in kind. Special thanks to each of them.Karen Woodbury of says:"Phillip Seymour Hoffman" and "…you should have entered your work in the big t-shirt contest they had at The Art Institute of Chicago last month…"


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