Back in the box started with Andrew Loomis


An old little book that I stumbled upon online, Fun With A Pencil by Andrew Loomis,—I forget how I found it—inspired the rotund guy that’s aiming for the box. I was able to preview the book on

Inside the book, I saw heads and bodies drawn in wire frame and decided to try this out.

My guy, let’s call him Luther, decided he would be in the Superman pose.




Luther needed something to jump from and into. He’s jumping from a generic platform and into a box. I imagined a hole at first, but a cardboard box was more amusing. I Googled “box” for reference to see how to draw the flaps correctly.

Next comes an idea generating technique that I haven’t quite defined for myself. It reminds me of word association where you start with a single word and quickly list off a stream of words as they pop into your mind.

For my technique, however, it’s not words, but mental images. Call it visual association for now. I stare at the drawing and allow my imagination to brainstorm various items and how they could relate and connect.

I want to think on this more and explain it better at a later date, but for now the short story is that I saw something tied around Luther’s waste and quickly decided it was a ribbon.

I often find a way to bring hands or fingers into my drawings, so naturally the ribbon needed hands to tie it into a bow.

Next, imagination block. After a few items get added to the drawing my mind gets noisy due to the visual association activity having more to feed on. Dozen of ideas bounce around in my head and I have to filter them with my skill level. I can’t draw everything I imagine—check out the previous post to see my plan to alleviate that.

Anyway, to get past the block I begin doodling shapes, patterns, long lines, etc. Hence the curvy structure coming out of Luther’s platform.

Then, I filled in the spaces within the structure with whatever seemed to fit.



  1. crystal moody

    great post Kevin! I love getting a peek into your process.


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