Fold the Corner – Time for Training


It took me longer to finish this one than any of the others. Not in terms of hours worked, but in terms of time between start and finish. Once I began adding the colors it turned into real work that I was reluctant to return to.

After I colored in the outline with solid colors I had to go back and add depictions of light and shadow—which I don’t feel very skilled with. I enjoy my illustrations because they are interesting and they play around with perspectives and size, but they’re missing a greater depth that can be achieved with lighting and texture techniques.

Not knowing these techniques, I fumble around trying to figure them out for myself which is a very slow process that can de-motivate more often than not. I think it’s the main reason I was reluctant to resume work on Fold the Corner.

I want my illustrations to have more contrast between darks and lights. It sounds so simple in theory, but from what I’m experiencing it’s going to take the drudgery of trial and error OR I’ll need to get instructions and watch tutorials.

I was really hoping to push out an illustration to this site at least once a week, but that would be an example of doing something good at the expense of something greater.

Meaning, I believe my skills will get the most benefit if I devote more time to training, and less time to the application of what I already know how to do.

A friend loaded some tutorials for digital sketching and painting on to a thumb drive for me recently. He’s a creative guy and, unlike me, is educated in the arts. Check out his site @

Let’s say for the next few months to a year that I will create an illustration each month that is worthy of adding to the current year’s portfolio collection. More importantly, in between that work I will learn more from professionals via online resources and I’ll practice new techniques. If I make anything cool during training I’ll upload it to the “Other bits” portfolio collection.

I want to help others, so I’ll post updates and share resources related to the education that I’m getting. If you already know some good resources, please share them in the comments.

Check out the video of me making Fold the Corner.