Making Kiss the Floor

Painting is tough compared to outlining and filling in with solid colors. With this piece I tried out several brushes and smudging (or color blending). I think it’s the incredible illustrator, Nikko, that has inspired me to try. We both create with Procreate for iPad, and what he can do with it blows my mind.

I’m noticing that I tend to often draw heads (and fingers, but not in this piece), checkered patterns, chairs, and light bulbs. I wonder if listing those things is going to make me draw them more often or avoid them more often.

In this creation, Kiss the Floor, the head was the first thing I laid out. I stared at the shapes that the head created on the page and sketched in the first objects that came to mind—van, ghost, and acorn. Then, I waited. Nothing else occurred to me.

So, as usual, I think, I added borders—the checkered floors. Borders are pleasing to my eye and they give me lines and patterns that I can begin drawing while I continue to think of what to add next. It’s as if working on a pattern refreshes my brain.

Once I saw the floor on the backside of the head I knew it needed a chair and light bulb. The last thing was the stringed instrument that curls out from the forehead. It started as just the shape of a water drop and then I imagined it as a musical instrument.

Per Crystal Moody, Austin Kleon, a popular artist and author, says:

Human beings want to know where things came from, how they were made, and who made them.

If you want to be more effective when sharing yourself and your work, you need to become a better storyteller.

If you are only pointing to your own stuff online, you’re doing it wrong. You have to be a connector.

I tried to achieve each of those with this post.

Here are some progressions snapshots.