Elly Mech


Bonnie Told Me To

I asked Bonnie what I should draw next. She quickly replied, “I want you to draw something cute”. She went on to add, influenced by a conversation we had weeks earlier, “like a robot elephant.”

The robot part she knows interests me. The elephant part is from her—it’s her favorite animal.

When I finished, I ask if it’s cute and learned that long eyelashes and a smile are not enough to represent cuteness. But I can easily say that it’s cuter than what I would normally draw. Elly is tough and cute.

Will Terry Helped Me

I just came across Will Terry, a children’s book illustrator, on Youtube. He uses a technique that he calls “refinement” layers to make his drawings.

Create a rough sketch, make the layer transparent, make a less rough sketch on a layer atop the previous sketch and repeat until you’re happy with the drawing. He says he makes up to 7 refinement layers for some drawings.


For my Elly Mech, I incorporated Will’s technique. I think the future will see me using this often.

When I finished, I played around with layers options in Procreate. Such as saturation and hue, background fill, and hiding.