My Drawing For Drew


Drew, if you find this, know that I couldn’t wait any longer. I had the itch to post the drawing that you challenged me to do. If you’re not Drew, read her blog post, Art Trade Anyone, then come back here.

If you didn’t click the link to her post, then the short version is that I was tasked with drawing a modern day King Arthur and a descendant of Merlin, her words in a nutshell. I challenged her to draw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle playing with Legos. Much harder than mine, I think, but she is also more talented that I.

This was tough. I don’t normally tackle character drawings, maybe you can tell. In case the drawing doesn’t speak for itself, they’re facing a bad guy and the Merlin-like character is building a magic blast to deal with that scum.

The crown! It makes me laugh, happily.

Check out the work leading up to the final.

Probably hard to see on some devices, this is the initial layout sketch.

Colors are finished, but I didn’t like the crown or Arthur’s face and a technical error caused me to redo Merlin’s magic blast. Yeah, and the words, too, I didn’t like them. I ended up adding them using Picmonkey.

Worked out the crown and face. Decided not to not keep the bullet leaving the gun barrel, nervous that I couldn’t pull it off.

This was the first incarnation of the drawing. Merlin is standing in the doorway and Arthur is primping in the mirror with crown and robe. Merlin was going to tease Arthur about wearing such attire to a government election. Alas, my Sketches app crashed and I had to re-install, thereby loosing my work. The drawing was much more mature at the time I lost it, I’d say about 5 hours of work in it.

Final Thoughts

This was challenging. It pushed me to create characters in a scene that I, based on my skill level and style, would have never have thought to create.

It was exciting. I felt inspired to work on it because I imagined Drew hard at work on hers and I wanted to get it done.

Hard to articulate in detail, but I know I learned a bit by drawing this that I may have never learned or may have waited years to learn simply for lack of trying something like this. The angle, the shadow, the lighting, drawing torsos and legs instead of just heads, etc.

If anyone wants to carry on the Art Trade just comment on this post and we’ll get started. It’s something that can get you out of your comfort zone, and in that zone lies improvement.