Befuddled With Layers


I’m loving the Sketches app for the iPad, but I’ve never used an art application. So, the layers concept is making me fumble.

Confused? Then you haven’t used an art app either. See the layers concept here<—disclaimer, I didn’t read that article because I want to figure this out on my own. Will I regret that later?

I just made this illustration and I like it, but know that I fully intended to color it all in. However, because I made the black outline on the background layer, I had to change that plan. I went with the pencil shaded look,instead. Originally, I wanted to color in the objects on a layer beneath the black outline so that the outline would not be covered by strokes.

I’ll cherish this piece none the less because I enjoyed making it. Before I moved my site from WordPress to Squarespace, I was briefly using this image as the page header for my Tools & Resources page. I no longer need it for that purpose because my site design is different. Regardless, the reason I made it was to give myself goal-oriented practice.

I had the great idea that if I rely on myself to make the graphics for my site then I will be creating practice that I can’t so no to. The logic is that I enjoy designing websites for myself very much and with this goal in place I am motivated to get to work a make the graphic because I need it ASAP. I’ve put my desire to be a better artist on the back burner for many years, but I believe now that my best zen focus lies within my art and I have a strong feeling that the main theme you will be seeing in my blog is “practice your creativity”. I know it makes me feel good.

What is your most clever way of utilizing layers? Don’t worry if you think it’s “used by everyone already”. You may be wrong.