A Decade of Scanned Pencil Drawings

Made with pencil & paper.

These are pencil sketches from the first sketch book that I owned. All sketches and doodles that preceded were done on whatever. I give thanks to my sis for buying me a sketchbook. I still have it with blank pages and I know that I will use it again. However, like many, I am being drawn towards digital media. In fact, digital tools are making me feel like I can put more practice into art. I’ve been drawing since the same age that we all started, but I haven’t stopped. Unfortunately, I haven’t practiced enough either.

Recently, I decided to change that. This blog is a means for that. I want my work accessible from anywhere I go and I’m hoping I can start relationships with others in the same boat as me, which is a boat of artists that have failed to admit that they are such and whom have never lost the dream of becoming a seasoned craftsman of their art.