Willy’s Son


That was fun. I used to swap crazy face drawings like this with a friend in the fifth grade. It was like an extra curricular activity for us. Imagine the kids that fold up notes and have it passed across the room. That’s what we did, but we weren’t chatting, we were going back and forth with wild characters doing weird or gross things.

It was exciting to get the folded paper and begin opening it. You knew you were about to get shocked and probably laugh. That is something that I always want to have in my art–fun. I want it to be a joy for me. Not a burden. Not a task of proving myself to others. Not anxiety ridden because I hope people will like it. I have to make what is fun for me and trust that with 9 billion people on the planet, a few others will like it, too. I actually take it as a compliment when folks say my drawings are weird.